Health Assessments & Programme Design

No matter what your current level of fitness, it is essential you start your exercise programme at the right level and monitor your results. That’s why ALL memberships include a comprehensive screening to assess your medical condition, level of fitness, body composition, goals and objectives.

When you join the gym you will be advised to have a health screening. Each screening takes between 30-40 minutes and covers a whole range of assessments including blood pressure, resting heart rate, aerobic training zones, height, weight, body measurements, body fat percentage and hip and waist ratios. We also perform a range of assessments to monitor flexibility, strength, lung capacity and stamina.

You are then presented with your own personal fitness programme which will be updated and reviewed on a regular basis allowing you to monitor your progress and adjust your programme accordingly.

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced exerciser you can always learn something new. To help you in your quest for maximum results our professionally qualified fitness coaches bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to designing you the perfect personalized fitness plan. Wether you are looking to improve your health, lose weight, tone up or gain muscle you know you are in good hands.


    • Free Health Assessment with ALL Memberships
    • Free Personalized Gym Programme
    • Professionally Qualified Instructors
    • Nutritional Advice
    • Free Sauna
    • Unlimited Gym Use at Any Time