There is a reason movie and music stars use personal trainers. It’s one of the fastest and most successful ways to improve your health, fitness and body shape. Left to their own devices most people will work well within their limits or develop bad habits. That’s why many people fail to achieve their goals.

You may be training for that last minute once in a life time holiday, training for a marathon, want to join the army or impress that special person in your life.

We will give you that extra motivation and push to take you that bit further. Personal training sessions will help you achieve all your targets that much quicker without paying movie star prices.

You can choose from the occasional one off training session or commit to a block of sessions, whatever you choose we are here to help you get into the best shape of your life.

Prices and availability can be found on the ‘Prices’ & ‘Timetable’ page. You can also choose your personal training by going to the ‘Contact’ page.


    • Do Yo Want More From Your Workout?
    • Do You Need Extra Motivation?
    • Are You Bored Of The Same Old Sessions?